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2014 Schedule & Results
            Feb 7-9 NHRA div 2 points Orlando, FL
                            Brad-SS 3rd round runner-up                                                      
            March 7-9 NHRA div 2 points Cecil, GA
                            Per from Sweden-Stock 1st round runner-up
                            Bill-SS 1st round runner-up
                            Brad-SS 4th round runner-up ¼ Finalist                                                  
            March 13-16 NHRA Gatornationals Gainesville, FL            
                            Per from Sweden-Stock G/SA class finalist and 1st round runner-up
                            Bill-SS GT/J Class winner and 1st round runner-up
                            Brad-SS Combo class winner and EVENT CHAMPION!!           
            April 11-13 NHRA 4 wide Nationals Concord, NC                                
            April 25-27 NHRA div 3 points Brownsburg, IN                                    
            May 2-4 Auto Meter Class Nationals Hebron, OH                              
            May 16-18 NHRA div 3 points Norwalk, OH                          
            May 23-25 NHRA Kansas Nationals Topeka, KS
            May 24-26 Bracket racing at Mid Michigan motorplex Stanton, MI
            May 30-June 1 Super Chevy Show Martin, MI                    
            June 6-8 NHRA div 3 points Joliet, IL                                        
            June 26-29 NHRA Route 66 Nationals Joliet, IL
            July 3-6 NHRA Summit Nationals Norwalk, OH    
            July 12 Bracket racing at 131 Motorsports park martin, MI
            July 19 US 131 MSP racers reunion Martin, MI                                                    
            August 14-17 NHRA Lucas oil Nationals Brainerd, MN
            August 27-Sept 1 NHRA US Nationals Brownsburg, IN
            August 30-Sept 1 Bracket racing at Mid Michigan Motorplex Stanton, MI              
            September 18-21 NHRA JEGS Northern Sports Nationals Hebron, OH
            September 26-28 AAA Insurance Nationals St. Louis, MO
            September 27 Bracket racing at 131 Motorsports Park Martin, MI


Zaskowski motorsports would like to thank our advertisers listed below that have been racing with us in the past and are continuing their support for the 2014 racing season!

-Zaskowski Builders, Inc. www.zaskowskibuilders.com  
-Browell Bellhousing www.browellbellhousing.com
-Mcleod Clutches www.mcleodracing.com 
-JEGS mail order www.jegs.com
-Coan transmissions and converters www.coanracing.com 
-Mickey Thompson tires www.mickeythompsontires.com
-K&N Engineering www.knfilters.com
-Red Line oil www.redlineoil.com  
-ARP automotive racing products www.arp-bolts.com
-Auto Meter products www.autometer.com  
-King Engine Bearings www.kingbearings.com  
-Top Of The World Granite www.topoftheworldgranite.com
-Bolt and Regnerus electric
-Rockford Floor Covering, Inc www.rockfordfloorcoveringinc.com
-Port-A-Tree Timing Systems www.portatree.com 
Thanks to all that helped out in any way, shape, or form in making this dream become a reality.
2013 Race Results
Feb 15-17 NHRA div 2 pts meet, Gainesville, FL
                Brad-SS 2nd round runner-up
March 14-17 NHRA Gatornationals (SS&Stk class), Gainesville, FL
                Brad-SS 5th round runner-up SEMI FINALIST! and stick class WINNER!
March 22-24 JEGS Cajun Sportnationals (SS&STK class), Belle Rose, LA
                Brad-SS 3rd round runner-up
April 19-21 NHRA Four-Wide Nationals, Charlotte, NC
                Bill-SS 1st round runner-up
                Brad-SS 2nd round runner-up
April 26-28 NHRA Div 3 pts meet, Indianapolis, IN
                Rained out until July 19
May 10-11 Matrin, MI thunder nationals
                Rained out
May 17-19 NHRA Div 3 pts meet, Norwalk, OH
                Brad-SS 1st round runner-up
                Shane-Stock 1st round runner-up
May 25-26 Bracket racing Mid Michigan Motorplex
                Shane-Saturday 3rd round runner-up
                Shane-Sunday 6th round runner-up ¼ Finalist!
June 7-9 NHRA div3 pts meet, Joliet, IL
                Bill-SS 1st round runner-up
                Brad-SS 6th round runner up SEMI-FINALIST!
June 14-16 Ford NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals (Stk class), Bristol, TN
                Brad-SS 1st round runner-up
                Ron R-Stock 1st round runner-up and combo class finalist
June 23 Testing at Mid Michigan motorplex
                Brad-SS 6th round runner-up Event Runner-up!
                Shane-Stk 3rd round runner-up
June 27-30 O’Reilly Auto Parts Route 66 NHRA Nationals, Joliet, IL
                Bill-SS 2nd round runner-up
                Brad-SS 1st round runner-up
July 4-7 Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals, Norwalk, OH
                Bill-SS 3rd round runner-up
                Brad-SS 4th round runner-up
July 19-21 NHRA Div 3 pts meet, Columbus, OH
                Bill-SS 2nd round runner-up
                Brad-SS 4th round runner-up
                Shane-Stk 2nd round runner-up
July 27-28 NHRA Div 3 pts meet, Stanton, MI
                Brad-SS 3rd round runner-up
                Shane-Stk 1st round runner-up
Aug. 9-10 IHRA Nitro Jam 131 Motorsports park, Martin, MI
                Bill-SS 2nd round runner-up
                Brad-Stk 2nd round runner-up
                Shane-Stk 2nd round runner-up
Aug 23-25 NHRA Div 3 pts meet, Bowling Green, KY
               Bill-SS 1st round runner-up
               Brad -SS 7th round runner-up EVENT RUNNER-UP!
Aug. 28–Sept. 2 NHRA U.S. Nationals (SS&Stk class), Indianapolis, IN
               Bill-SS 1st round runner-up and GT/G Class finalist
               Brad-SS 3rd round runner-up and GT/G Class winner!

Sept. 6-8 NHRA Div 5 pts meet, Earlville, IA
               Brad-SS 2nd round runner-up
Sept. 19-22 JEGS Northern Sportnationals (SS&Stk class), Columbus, OH
              Bill-SS 1st round runner-up and GT/H Class winner!
              Brad-SS 2nd round runner-up and GT/G Class winner!
                         Moser shootout qualifier and 3rd round runner-up SEMI-FINALIST!
             Brad-Stock 1st round runner-up and F/S Class winner!





Photo courtsey Alex Owens


K&N Racing News article link



Once again another race season has come and gone for Zaskowski Motorsports. 2012 was another great season for us, we raced often, turned on lots of win lights and best of all we had a ton of fun. All together we were on the road for 17 race weekends from March through October and along the way we collected our second division championship!
 Dad and his Chevy II were awesome all year. The car ran real good and the driver was a killer on the tree every run. One of the highlights of 2012 was at the NHRA division 3 points meet in Norwalk, OH where they had a special Super Stock showdown at night in front of a huge crowd. We struggled earlier in the weekend getting the car to launch correctly so we loosened up the front shocks and let it launch! Dad was voted by the chosen fan judges as the wheel stand contest winner.  Dad made his presence known winning rounds at almost every race he went to. At the NHRA US Nationals for class he was the slower car by almost one tenth of a second but when they raced for the trophy Dad gained two tenths of a second starting line advantage against his competitor and held on for the class win. In Columbus, for the Northern Sportsnationals, Dad worked his way through eliminations and got beat 6th round. He was only two rounds short of winning his first national event. For next year the Nova will get a fresh 327 engine and a new clutchless transmission to help push the car into the high 9 second times. The faster engine / transmission combination combined with Dad’s great reaction times will surely get him into the winners circle again next year. 
The stock eliminator portion of our operation with Shane as the driver underwent major changes to start out the year. The beautiful 94’ Camaro he raced last year was sold and has a  new home in Albuquerque, NM. We didn’t go long without a car though… About 1 hour after making the partial delivery with the 94’ Camaro we were purchasing a white 1986 Camaro. The Camaro we purchased is a nice car that runs a slower class and is a car that Shane can race the wheels off and get some more seat time. The car first went through a mini makeover at the Zaskowski motorsports shop before hitting the track. Once on the track Shane immediately was comfortable in the car and it showed in his driving. He was hitting the tree great and the car was very consistent, but it seemed like for the first few races Shane’s opponents were determined to not let him get the win light. Shane did make it to the third round at a few races this summer and to the fourth round up bracket racing at the Mid-Michigan Motorplex.  For next year the 86 Camaro we have named “Whitie” will have its makeover completed with a rebuilt engine and transmission. With the car all fresh and ready next year Shane plans to hit all of the NHRA division 3 races and chase after the division 3 stock championship.
My racing season started out in Belle Rose, LA driving Charley Downing’s awesome 2010 mustang stock eliminator car. The car is fast, a blast to drive and I felt at home in it.  I was able to win class and qualify for the bonus CIC race with the other class winners. After 6 rounds of racing in the CIC race we were standing in the winner’s circle! On Sunday for the regular eliminations I advanced to the 5th round before being beat. After collecting parts for over 5 years to build a new motor for my Super Stock car it was finally ready to run this past spring. The first time we ran the engine in the car we were testing up at the Mid-Michigan Motorplex. They had a heads up 10.00 index class that the engine ran great in and I won the class. Nice test session! The next race was the div 3 points race in Norwalk, OH where I made it to the final round before being beat, which qualified me for the JEGS allstars race for the second year in a row. In the JEGS allstar race in Joliet, IL I won 1st round then red lit by 11 thousandths of a second in the semifinal round. For IHRA Nitro jam weekend in Martin, MI I had the opportunity to drive Phil Veldheer’s 69 Camaro stock eliminator car in two races. The first race didn’t go as planned and I got beat 2nd round (when my steering wheel came off,) but Sunday’s pro am race went great and we found ourselves in the winner’s circle taking pictures! Coming down to the end of the year I was in third place in the Division 3 super stock points with a chance to still take over the points lead. In a last ditch effort we decided to make the 14 hour drive to Reynolds, GA to attempt to gain some points. The race was great and I made it to the final round before being beat, the runner up finish gained me enough points to take over the points lead by 1 point! We are the 2012 division 3 Super Stock Champion!
It is hard to believe that another racing season has come and gone and it is almost winter time again. We have a busy winter ahead of us making improvements and updates to our cars to ready them for the 2013 racing season! Be sure to check out our detailed 2012 schedule with complete results and the sponsor THANKS page with the companies that help us out and links to their websites. For more information and pictures check out www.zaskowskimotorsports.com. We look forward to talking with you soon, have a great off season!










Zaskowski Motorsports video under the lights durring the wheelie contest in Norwalk, OH





2012 Race Schedule & Results
March 16-18 JEGS NHRA Cajun SPORTSnationals Belle Rose, LA
            Bill- Super Stock 1st round runner-up
            Brad- Stock J/S class winner, CIC Race CHAMPION!, 5th round runner-up 1/4 FINALIST!
April 27-29 NHRA div 3 Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN
            Brad- Super Stock 1st round runner-up
May 12 Mid Michigan Motorplex heads up series
            Brad- 10.00 Heads up Class CHAMPION!
May 18-20 NHRA div 3 Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park Norwalk
            Bill-Super Stock Wheelie contest winner! and 3rd round runner-up
            Brad-Super Stock won JEGS Allstars points and EVENT RUNNER-UP! 
May 26-27 Testing and bracket racing at Martin, MI
           Shane- race 1 3rd round runner-up, race 2 3rd round runner-up
June 8-10 NHRA div 3 Route 66 Raceway Chicago, IL
            Brad-Super Stock 5th round runner-up SEMI-FINALIST!
           Shane- Stock 1st round runner-up
June 28-July 1 NHRA Route 66 Nationals • Chicago, IL
            Brad-Super Stock 1st round runner-up
                   JEGS Alstars SEMI-FINALIST!
            Shane-Stock 1st round runner-up
July 5-8 NHRA Summit racing Nationals • Norwalk, OH
            Brad-Super Stock 3rd round runner-up
            Ron Richards-Stock 1st round runner-up
July 15 Mid Michigan Motorplex Bracket racing
            Shane-Stock 4th round runner-up 1/4 FINALIST
July 20-22 NHRA div 3 National Trail Raceway Columbus, OH
            Bill-Super Stock 2nd round runner-up
            Brad-Super Stock 4th round runner-up
July 28-29 NHRA div 3 Mid-Michigan Motorplex Stanton, MI
            Bill-Super Stock 3rd round runner-up
            Brad-Super Stock 3rd round runner-up
            Shane-Stock 3rd round runner-up
Aug 10-12 IHRA Nitro Jam 131 motorsports park Martin, MI
            Brad-Stock day 1 2nd round runner-up
                       Stock day 2 EVENT CHAMPION!!!
            Shane-Stock day 1 3rd round runner-up 1/4 FINALIST
                          Stock day 2 1st round runner-up
Aug. 24-26 NHRA div 3 Beech Bend Raceway Park Bowling Green, Ky
            Bill-Super Stock 2nd round runner-up
            Brad-Super Stock 3rd round runner-up
Aug. 29-Sept. 3 NHRA US Nationals Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis • Indianapolis, IN
            Bill-Super Stock 2nd round runner-up and GT/J Class winner!
            Brad-Super Stock 2nd round runner-up and GT/F Class winner!
Sept. 21-23 JEGS NHRA Northern SPORTSnationals Columbus, Ohio
            Bill-Super Stock 6th round runner-up SEMI-FINALIST!
            Brad-Super Stock 2nd round runner-up
            Shane-Stock 1st round runner-up
Sept. 28-30 NHRA div 2 Bristol dragway
            Bill-Super Stock 1st round runner-up
            Brad-Super Stock 3rd round runner-up
            Ron Richards-Stock 3rd round runner-up
October 12-14 NHRA div 2 Reynolds, GA
            Brad-Super Stock 6th EVENT RUNNER-UP!




2011 Race Results
March 18-20 JEGS NHRA Cajun SPORTSnationals  Belle Rose, LA     
    Brad SS- Stick shift class winner, 2nd round runner-up cic race and 1st round runner-up main eliminator
April 14-17 NHRA 4-Wide Nationals, Concord, NC
    Brad SS- 1st round runner-up
April 29-May 1 LODRS 3-1 O'Reilly Raceway Park, Indianapolis, IN
    Bill SS- 1st round runner-up
    Brad SS- 2nd round runner-up
May 13-15 LODRS 3-2 Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park, Norwalk, OH
    Brad SS- won rd 1 locked up the div 3 Super Stock alstars spot, event rain dateJuly 2-3
    Shane Stock- Had a broken car once we got to the track
June 3-5 IHRA summit pro-am Martin, MI
    Brad SS- day 1 1st round runer-up day 2 2nd round runner-up
June 10-12 LODRS 3-3 Route 66 Raceway, Joliet, IL
    Bill SS- 1st round runner-up
    Brad SS-5th round runner-up SEMI FINALIST!
June 23-26 NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Nationals Norwalk, OH 
    Bill SS- 1st round runner-up
    Brad SS- 3rd round runner-up
July 3 LODRS 3-2 rainout event
    Brad SS-3nd round runner-up
July 7-10 NHRA United Association Route 66 Nationals JEGS allstars, Chicago, IL 
    Bill SS- 1st round runner-up
    Brad SS- 1st round runner-up Allstars race 1st round runner-up
July 22-24 LODRS 3-4 National Trail Raceway, Columbus, OH
    Brad SS- won 1st round then rained out until Sept 22
July 30-31 LODRS 3-5 Mid-Michigan Motorplex, Stanton, MI
   Bill SS- 1st round runner-up
   Shane Stk- 2nd round runner-up
Aug. 12-13 IHRA Nitro Jam Martin, MI 
    Brad SS- 3rd round runner up 1/4 finalist BEST APPEARING CAR AWARD WINNER!
    Shane Stk- 3rd round runner-up BEST ENGINEERED CAR AWARD WINNER!
Aug. 26-28 LODRS 3-6 Beech Bend Raceway Park, Bowling Green, KY 
    Brad SS- 2nd round runner-up
    Brad Stk- 1st round runner-up
Aug. 31–Sept. 5 NHRA Mac Tools U.S. Nationals presented by Lucas Oil, Indianapolis, IN
    Brad SS- 1st round runner-up and GT/I Class champion
    Brad Stk- 1st round runner-up and C/S class champion 

Sept. 9-11 LODRS 5-6 Tri-State Raceway, Earlville, IA 
    Brad SS- 5th round runner-up SEMI FINALIST
    Shane Stk- 1st round runner-up
Sept 22 LODRS 3-4
    Brad SS-5th round runner-up 1/4 Finalist
Sept. 23-25 JEGS NHRA Northern SPORTSnationals Columbus, OH
    Brad SS- 4th round runer-up
    Shane Stk- 1st round runner-up and Class Finalist


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